Immunizations are your best protection against diseases. Vaccines are very safe and effective against these diseases. We will see your baby for Well Baby Checks and follow their progress closely. They will have needles according to the link below listed Immunization Schedule both Elgin and Middlesex Health Unit Information listed.

What schedule to expect for well-baby checks

  • 7-10 days after born for initial weight check and overall assessment
  • 1 month for weight check, height and measuring of head
  • 2 months for above + needles
  • 4 months for above +needles
  • 6 months for above + needle
  • 9 months for weight check, height and head circumference
  • 12 months for above + needles
  • 15 months for above + needle
  • 18 months for above + needle

We will then follow them for any issues that arise between these visits and when they are 4-6 years we see them again for a Weight and Height check and their needles. 

They will receive their Hepatitis B series in Grade 7 as well as an updated Meningitis vaccine. In Grade 8 the females will receive Gardasil. These are provided through the school based programs.

The childhood diseases protected are listed and information provided under the next tab. All vaccines protect against these as listed.

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