Cervical Screening

  • Pap smears are an important part of a women’s health
  • A pap test could save your life!
  • Pap smears are recommended to women over 21 who are sexually active
  • Pap smears are now done according to the guidelines from the Ministry of Health - every three years starting at age 21 if sexually active
  • Routine screening every three years between ages 21-69 
  • If an abnormal test comes back, we will be calling to arrange a repeat test in 6 months
  • Any abnormal bleeding or discharge should be notified to the office

To reduce the risk of cervical cancer you should have regular pap tests. There is usually a 6 month follow up on any abnormal testing. This doesn’t mean you have cancer. They are abnormal cells and can be caused by inflammation. They will usually change back to normal within the 6 months. If not and the cells are still present, you may be referred to a gynecologist for a closer look called a colposcopy. They take a look at the cervix with a magnified lens which gives more detail.


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