Due to its highly contagious nature, the measles virus can spread easily in communities where children are NOT VACCINATED!

  • Canada could experience an outbreak similar to the states due to the low vaccination rates and highly contagious nature of the disease.

  • The Measles virus is so contagious in nature, that if someone was to be in a room coughing/sneezing, and an unvaccinated person were to enter the room within 2 hours, that person would be exposed.

  • Measles spreads through direct contact or through the air.

  • Symptoms range from fever, cough and rash to more serious, life threatening complications including blindness, inflammation of the brain and pneumonia.

  • Children are most susceptible.

  • According to the World Health Organization, before the introduction of the vaccine in 1963, the virus caused 2.6 million deaths every year.

  • Canada has been free of endemic measles since 1998, and has now been introduced again since exposure to persons who have not been vaccinated.

  • Only 2 provinces in Canada, require children to have updated vaccination records to enter school, and they are Ontario and New Brunswick.

    **above information from Globe and Mail article posted Feb 11, 2019