A Wellness Program Through VON- "Support Through Your Journey"

New Program Session Dates

Jan 20th and 27th, Feb 17th and 24th, Mar 23rd and 30th, Apr 20th and 27th

9 am until noon

"Support Through Your Journey"

A Wellness Program through VON

"Support Through Your Journey" Purpose: To provide an opportunity for participants

diagnosed with a life limiting illness to engage in meaningfuland life-enriching activities

in a safe, caring,supportive, and nurturing environment in a community setting.

What Does The Program Look Like: Participants will meet at theVON on the last two

Wednesday's of the monthfor 8 weeks with trained staff and volunteersofVONalong

with other participantsexperiencing simitarhealth challenges. A variety ofsocial and

therapeutic activities are optionaland vary accordingto die unique interestsand needs of


Who Can Participate In "Support Through Your Journey" Wellness Program;

Open to adults (18+) living in ElginCounty, whohave beenrecentlydiagnosed or are

currently living with a life-limitingillness(eg Cancer,COPD, ALS, Heart Disease,

Kidney Failure, Stroke, etc). He/she mustbe independently mobile, cognitiveand

responsible for taking care ofpersonal needs, including administering medications. All

participants will be assessed by theVON Coordinator aheadoftime beforejoining

"Support Through Your Journey"

Program Activities May Include

Nutritious snacks and beverages

Journaling, Story Telling

Art Therapy

Therapeutic Music

Spiritual reflection

Relaxation techniques

Guest speakers/entertainment

Discussion of special topics of interest

Group support discussions

End ofLife Care Preparation

Benefits of this Program

* A retreat from the focus on illness

* An opportunity to explore

''Companionship with others

* Support and guidance

* Respitefor the caregiver

* Enhanced overall well-being

* A safe, confidential environment

* Respect for cultural diversity

* Referral information when required

* Program and supplies at no cost


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